May 5, 2020


"Rich Peck is an amazing event partner. High quality, very professional, easy to work with - no drama, just good, very high value work. I recommend without reservation."
September 11, 2017

Nothing but good vibes

"Professional, great monitor and front mix. Worked with Larry at the Festival of the vine 2017. Nothing but good vibes coming your way. Thank you again to RJ, and your staff."
August 27, 2017

Absolutely Blown Away

"What would have been an amateurish backyard party became a professional music festival thanks to the stage setup, lighting and sound that Rich provided for this 60th birthday event. Rich literally turned our back deck into a Ravinia-esque setting that made the band shine and astonished our audience of friends, family and neighbors. People were absolutely blown away. The stage and sound were the foundation of an incredibly great time. Thank you Rich!"
April 8, 2017

Successful Reel to Reel Conversion

"RJ's did a fantastic job recovering some reel to reel originals from our band, Deceiver. Cirrca 1983. These reel to reel tapes contained the original masters and Richard successfully converted about two albums worth of material to digital format, cds. I was most impressed with his knowledge of old tape and how to get them to play clearly. It was a joy having him do his thing and being able to watch. once converted to digital. The perfect spacing between songs was painstakingly done. RJ , then made the cd design we used. Listed all the songs and players, then printed it onto the cds which were then burned 10 at a time. Could have been 50 at a time or more. Then put them all in individual cases for me. Just totally professional and perfectly done. Thanks Richard!!"
April 3, 2017

Rich is a True Blue Pro!

"When it comes to outside venues, you will not find anyone BETTER. Rich is a True Blue Pro. I am sure people such like Peter Noone of Herman Hermits, and the band Headeast, that's just example I believe they would vouch for me on that one. This Guy is truly amazzzzzzzzzin. Thanks for letting me have some say in this. I love the guy. He won't let you down. I'm Greg from the professional Country music world. Thanks again Sir Richard"